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                                                             Welcome to the Vintage Rally site
                      sponsored by the 
              Farm Machinery Preservation Society. 
 This site is to steer you in the direction of the Farm Machinery Preservation Society who have been in existence since 1968.
   We have a website which will tell you about what the Society is all about and what we do.
    Also, visit which is the website for the annual rally organised by the Society where of course we welcome         new exhibitors and visitors. 
If you are an exhibitor you will be aware of the need to insure your exhibit with Public Liability Insurance.
The Farm Machinery Preservation Society (FMPS)
covers all static exhibits (£5.000.000)  with its membership and for just
£17.50 per year
 you can become a member and also take advantage of the insurance cover.  
For more information about the Farm Machinery Preservation Society (FMPS) go to our main website

            Join the Society and take advantage of the Exhibitors Insurance